HMD/Crit Post

This is the HMD/Crit post for Lacus Clyne @ [info]marinasylum. I'm very receptive to crit and comments, so please feel free to leave some suggestions. Anon commenting should be on, and if it's not it's my IJ-ignorance showing.

Alternatively, you can contact me at:
AIM: Lenasillfame
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Timeline for Lacus @ Marina Asylum

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Relationships Meme for Lacus @ Marina!

Comment here to find out what Lacus thinks of your character


Application for Lacus @ Marina Asylum

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[Test post]

This space is for writing test posts.

[Action | Closed]

[It's pitch black upon entering the room, but Lacus makes her way across the threshold and silently shuts the door, starting to cross the short distance to the bed without needing a light. Gohan had already been upset before; her aim was to soothe that, not cause further upset. For that reason she steps slowly, lightly until the edge of the mattress bumps her knee.]

[A few graceful explorations help her to find the hem of the blanket. Lacus peels it back and eases herself down, her legs stretching out beneath the covers. She shifts over until her searching fingertips find Gohan's sleeping form and then slips her arm over him, moving closer until she is lying against him.]

((OOC: thread will likely contain adult content.))

Virtual Reality Machine Information Post

So you want to use Rebecca and Lacus' Virtual Reality helmets to get it on with someone, visit a spot at home, kick Acumen around like a soccer ball, or what have you. Here's everything you need to know~!

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